Not a spy Camera

I had seen a number of these while walking around Amsterdam, I wasn’t sure what they were, they looked like cameras, but nothing like the cameras in London. I was sure they weren’t for “spying” on anyone. What were they?

I didn’t think i would find out……until…..

I was watching MegaWorld: Netherlands on Discovery Canada.

I enjoy construction shows, especially shows that feature places I have been.

During the segment about the subway in Amsterdam they talked about how important it was to make sure that none of the old buildings get damaged or shift when the new tunnels are dug.

What do they use, but these cool little “cameras” looking at mirrors placed on various buildings; making sure nothing has shifted or moved.

The system seems to be working. When I was there nothing seemed out of place….well…except for all the holes to dig the subway tunnels.

The Rain in Spain……

I saw a friend off at Centraal Station and then proceeded to walk around and take some pictures. The sun was shining and everything was drying out.

As I start to head back to the train station it starts to rain again, nothing to worry about, it was a light rain.

I head for a Belgian frites (fries, chips) stand and order my frites with mayonnaise.

Vlaamse friet
Not my picture, but the frites stand I was waiting at for my frites

As I waited, I got the distinct impression that someone was dumping all the water from the canals on the city, the way someone would dump a glass of water.

Fumble for the umbrella…..again…..balance an umbrella in one hand; hold the Frites in another and with my other hand actually enjoy them. Needless to say, this was NOT going to work.

I run for shelter under the awning of a neighboring restaurant, something I wouldn’t usually do, but under the circumstances, it was much better than becoming so saturated that I would melt (yes I am made of sugar) The rain did let up to a light drizzle and I was able to get to the train station without looking like a wet rat (no comments please)

My umbrella was so saturated it no longer kept the rain off; my camera bag was saturated as well. My camera was in the bottom and did not get wet.

I really don’t enjoy walking around in the rain…../end editorial comment

First Sunday in Amsterdam

This was my first Sunday in Amsterdam in a loooooooog time.

I wanted to get my bearings and just walk around with no specific plans.

Unfortunately the rain made it difficult. I spent more time seeking shelter than actually looking around. I managed to take 3 pictures. (I took over 1600 pictures all together)

On a happy note, I did get together with an old friend from my first trip here.

We had a beer at Hoopman’s Irish pub on the Leidseplein. We also saw a street performer from my last trip here….a 98% naked man wearing only a codpiece doing acrobatics on a rope…please don’t ask….the image hurt me enough the first time I saw him.

Closed…you mean everything?

Something you need to know about the Netherlands is that just about everything is closed on Sunday, except for some of the bigger cities.

We needed food for Sunday night’s dinner. The time 5:40 PM, what time do the stores close on Saturdays? 6:00 P.M. Uh Oh

Jump in the car, drive like mad men….ok I wasn’t driving….only one person can
drive at a time…with less than 15 minutes to spare…….We got pasta and
meat sauce, in my case is was fake meat.

We managed to finish our shopping in record time.

It is very quiet around here on Sundays.