The British Pub

Have you ever been to a get together with your friends? Beer, games, conversation?

That is the definition of the British Pub. We went out for drinks tonight. The Bear was the name of the pub. Even if you can’t read, the big bear hanging right over the door will tell you exactly where you are. That goes for The Black Jug restaurant around the corner, their sign is a…you guessed it, a big black jug.

Back to the pub, It had the feeling of someone’s living room, and it may very well have been, because the pub’s owner lived right upstairs. The experience was made more pleasant when I asked about a particular beer, the owner offered me a sample, only a couple of ounces, but I did end up getting a pint.

We played darts, my buddy played the flower machine…a very sophisticated video lottery terminal that actually pays out cash and I enjoyed my beer.

We moved to the front room and talked about how we are going to change the world; When we have the time.

Maybe I’ll open a British pub when I get home….or maybe not; I might be too busy changing the world.


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