A tangible history

There is something about London that keeps coming back to me. The history is real and tangible. You can feel it. I know this may sound a bit strange; every city has a history that’s real. In London you can actually touch it; the easiest way to explain it is, the town I’m staying in, has been occupied since roman times, the house I’m in is an old Victorian, yes its been renovated, plumbing and heating have been added, and there is electricity. But this house has been here since the late 1800’s, not only this one, but the houses for blocks around. The street barely has enough room for 2 cars to pass. Most of central London is the same. At the Tower of London I was able to run my hands along walls that have been there for over 900 years. At the British Museum, I was able to hold artifacts that are thousands of years old; a stone tool, a ceramic tile, and others.

Montreal has a history too, 360 years, but most of that history is centered around the old port area, the rest of the cith has been developed and redeveloped over time. Where are the narrow streets? Where are the old houses along those streets? Gone and forgotten I would suggest.

Who are we?
Where did we come from?
Where are we going?

Some of the answers are in our history.


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