Kampen & Utrecht

For anyone wondering where I have been, there are a couple of you out there, I was in Kampen Friday and Saturday then in Utrecht today.


I was in Kampen for their Full Color Festival; billed as  A multicultural festival of, for and by many Kampen. It was!

Lots of food, community service groups, local shops, activities for kids and of course beer.

I really went to Kampen to visit with a friend, Sander hosted my over night. His apartment was small but cozy and of course on the 3rd floor, more crazy dutch stairs!

I got a tour of the old city a windmill, still producing ground grains for local bakers and the chance to see another dutch city or would that be town. The town has been around since the middle ages. The gate houses have been around since the thirteenth century, almost 800 years…something like that anyway.

I think there are as many churches in tiny Kampen as there are in all of Montreal.

There was also a small but active Jewish community in Kampen, unfortunately the community was destroyed during the war. The synagogue is all that remains. As in other Dutch cities, the synagogue has been recommissioned, here as a gallary space, but the building remains as a memorial.

We also walked to Kampen’s war memorial. It was simple and not overly decorated; until  you get a bit closer…have a look for yourself (This was NOT my doing)


kampen War Memorial


Kampen War Memorial


Kampen War Memorial

I had a good time in Kampen!


This morning the was cold and grey out, I was also a bit tired. I had hoped/planned to go to the Van Gogh Museum today, that was not going to happen.

Utrecht is a large city and there should be something open, either a shopping mall or some shops in the old part of the city. I was right.
Utrecht is about 30 minutes away and I had enough money in coins for the train.

No museums today, it was just a relaxed day in Utrecht

I did make a couple of discoveries today:


Golf is a man’s game


Aliens seem to be in charge, hasn’t anyone noticed?

The Domtorren is still tall – pictures later, maybe

This evenings entertainment included a visit with Mark’s brother-in-law and his 2 massive dogs and cat, then a drive through the countryside


A monument to the prince of Orange from the people of the Netherlands for his helping to defeat Napoleon at Waterloo

The endless farmland

The endless farmland

That’s all for now, more tomorrow or something!

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