Computers & Pyrates

We live in curious times

This morning we went to Maarssen, about 30 KM away, to the local Commodore 64 computer club.

This bunch of people collect, repair and modify old computers to make them do interesting things. From browsing the web with “modern” browser to making beautiful music and pictures.

There were Commodore 64s, Amigas (both old and new) a couple of Ataris and some old game consoles. I’ve met some people on previous visits, it was nice to meet a Pyrate this time. He is the manager of The Pyrates; a pirate style folk band. Their description not mine.

We talked about his computer, a new Amiga running Firefox and about the band.

Pyrates! – Drunken Sailor – (live at the Effenaar)

I tried to get them to do a Canadian tour, we can hope! 🙂

The afternoon took a turn to the strange, odd, bizarre…

Mark, my host, is taking a ski course, so he went skiing. a beautiful June afternoon we went off to Skicentrum Soesterberg an artificial ski hill so he could practice his…skiing!

Mark Skied and I took some pictures and enjoyed the sun for a couple of hours.


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